Monday, July 30, 2012

Life - Olympics and all that......

So the Opening Ceremony happened on Friday and I'm still recovering. What a fantastic and brilliant event. A couple of things could have made it totally awesome, such as on the 60 countdown they could've included the sign for Platform 9 3/4 and what about more of our fabulous musical history such as my old favourites Led Zep and Pink Floyd. They did use Dark Side of the Moon but still. Also what was with Paul McCartney? Why is he always rolled out? I know he is considered to be a member of the UK's rock royalty but seriously did Mr Boyle give up at this point? He could have pulled together an amazing super group of musical legends and give a bang out performance or even end with Elton John given he has the Olympic song? Also as has been pointed out to me what about celebrating the discovery of DNA or splitting the atom? What abut our fine literary history too? Okay enough.

A bottle of red wine and some serious yawning with eyes being propped open, my husband and I watched the whole thing. See I knew I still had it in me to stay up late. We both loved it. The Olympic cauldren made out of petals was inspired and amazing, David Beckham was suave and let's face it gorgeous. Shame he wasn't included on our football team but boo sucks to you Ryan Giggs, David Beckham stole all your thunder. Kenneth Brannagh was fabulous and the staging was brilliant. The Olympic Rings being forged and rising from the ashes were stunning. The reflective dance was beautiful and heart stopping. It was an inspired and funny skit with the Queen and Rowan Atkinson was superb. All in all we raised a toast to Mr Boyle and his vision.

Needless to say that it was a rude awakening the next day. So here in glorious technicolour is out tribute to Mr Boyle. Notice the Hobbit House and the large windmills providing green energy.

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