Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Love... the rustic baker

When your kid is off sick from school sometimes the only way to get better is going into the kitchen and baking something that tastes great. Luckily Oldest One just has an ear ache but he is still feeling a little crap.

I found this recipe yesterday and include the link because I loved all the comments with recipe ideas. As usual I ignored most of the recipe and added my own twist. These are a version of Millie's cookies, super soft and super yum. I added chocolate spread as I found an unopened jar under the sink, coconut and choc chips. The dough is absolutely delish. Baking time is variable but I am aiming for squooshyness. They look good enough to have with a big fat mug of tea. Yum


If link doesn't work look up Millie's cookies and it is the bbc good food recipe. Just to report I achieved squooshy-chewiness :-)

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