Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family........swallows and amazons

As usual the half term is winding down quickly and we had yet to start the homework That was set. Although the suggested project was an opt in I'm not sure how many parents - sorry kids - will go to school without a completed project. 

I knew that a boat required certain elements such as a floaty bit, a sail and somewhere to sit! Plastic bottles would do the trick as would fruit packaging. We duly collected the items and left them in a box to wait till the last minute. It really is last minute as supper and bedtime all happen in the next couple of hours......

Armed with scissors, brown tape, bendy straws and various bits of plastic and voila a boat that actually floats and carries plastic playmobil people. The sail is a triumph...... Oldest One will go to school with a boat and the rest of the homework we just spent the last hour doing. Hoorah! 

I want to say lots of piratey stuff but can only think of that drunken sailor song. So I'll be toasting this project with a glass of the finest and wiping the brow being thankful we did it. Obviously it was all down to Oldest One and he was essentially project manger whilst I did the grunt work.......typical.

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