Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I am fast learning that when it comes to school there is always homework of some sort or another even for a Reception class. This is especially true if it is for extra curricular activities that occur on a Saturday. We've had a singing event and now the school is involved in a Bollywood-fest. Not that we will be there for the Bollywood march past on the weekend in question. But there is a catwalk show of sorts in the playground. 

So as usual the day before said event I am rushing around trying to find stuff for Oldest One to wear. All day. At school. 

What the hell does a boy wear as a Bollywood boy and why is it easier to dress a girl? Sparkly scarf and voila a sari. So amongst all the ideas which were hardly brilliant, I contemplated giving Oldest One a dirty t-shirt with the words in felt tip "slum dog millionaire" or a t-shirt with "slave labour made this" but rapidly decided that these were a political step too far. So I had a rummage in the dressing up box which is isn't a box at all but dressing up crap flung in all directions all over the house. Found a cloak I made for him last year. He looked like Frodo in it so decided that would do. I would make him an Indian Prince. Luckily the school obliged by having a sale and instead of digging out the sewing machine, I bought a ready made sequin shift top, reasoning that we would one day have a proper dressing up box and it could go in there. Found the superman belt and there it was, the basis of a good outfit. 

Next to the accessories. All Princes need to show their obvious wealth so I made a curved dagger, a crown of sorts and a cuff (Oldest One requested the cuff). It is amazing what cardboard, a toilet roll tube, gold paper plate, sellotape and a bunch of glued on plastic gems can do. We are the epitome of Blue Peter in our house. I am quietly chuffed with myself. 

Of course, Oldest One upon spying the dagger immediately said "Can I fight with that dagger?" Oh dear, not quite the Bollywood spirit..... I forsee plastic gems flying about all over the playground. 

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