Sunday, April 7, 2013

Love.......the rustic baker

So the rustic baker has been busy this weekend with lovely husband away and a serious urge to bake. I made lemon pound cake, recipe by Martha Stewart, pizza with homemade dough and peanut butter and chocolate cookies with both recipes by Jo Wheatley.

I love a good pound cake but converting the recipe from USA measurements to UK can be, pun completely intended, a recipe for disaster but this turned out well and tastes scrumptious. I could have used more icing though. 

Having never made pizza dough before I wasn't totally convinced by this recipe but it turned out ok. Next time I may do things slightly differently like dividing the dough into 3 parts like I should have done and maybe adding herbs to the dough. I also need to learn to use the rolling pin properly, though I love the rustic look. I think I need to work on this recipe a little more but still yum. 

 As for Jo's peanut butter cookies, they are delicious even though I changed some things like adding both peanuts and white chocolate chips this time. Yummy and delicious with a cuppa.

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