Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fitness - what the **** am I doing?

So I am a little way through my fitness programme. I have progressed to Level 2 with Jillian Michaels and it is super tough. How many planks can a girl do! As an avid fan of the Biggest Loser USA I have added a Bob Harper yoga workout. OMG yoga is hard - especially the Bob way. I am usually a pilates girl but having seen Bob H do the yoga on the Biggest Loser USA several times I thought I'd give it a go. But seriously how many times can a girl get into the downward dog with a leg in the air without falling over or trying desperatelyto do the warrior stance into a triangle - it is hard. Maybe I should look at yogalates instead?

I have also contacted the local triathlon group - small steps people small steps.

Each and every day I am getting into the workout gear and throwing some strange shapes in my sitting room. If people looked through the window they'd be scared off - never mind the burglar alarm - no one would want to cross a red faced sweaty wreck of a woman shouting at the TV screen. The things I shout are not for small ears either and I think my son might be slightly scared of me. I sound like a beached whale and the red faced sweaty huffing and puffing is not my most attractive side.

I have tried to encourage my husband to join in but it's as tough for him as me. I do feel a tiny sense of yayhey I can do it and you can't but let's keep that one secret!

Small steps.....

I have also it my strange sense of "we absolutely resolutely must stick to this plan", also purchased the Jillian kickboxing DVD. People I am officially insane. Also now my oldest (I have an oldest!!!!!!) has just started school (more of that later) I can concentrate on "Getting Fit". I did actually manage to fit in a JM Level 2 workout this morning thus confirming to all the new school mums that I will meet that I am in fact the one to avoid. The slightly strange one with the deranged manic red faced look. If you come across one of those on the school run, maybe it's because she is indeed strange and manic because she's just done a J Level 2 workout! It's a bit like Men in Black where Will Smith figures out all it's not what it seems!


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