Monday, August 20, 2012

Fitness - the olympic hangover

Is this part of my fitness regime?
I feel bereft. For 2 glorious weeks I was able to watch a lot of sports. I 'm not a dedicated sports fan but these Olympics have been fabulous. Quite inspirational. Roll on the Paralympics.

Maybe because of this or in a weird fit of needing to get fit I have egged myself on to do a triathlon next year. I am quite glad it's next year - May to be exact as I am seriously in need of a long fitness regime before i even start thinking of actually training for this. It was a bizarre situation where you find yourself saying "I could do that!" when speaking to a family member who is also doing the triathlon. It will be a 500m swim (luckily in a pool), a 13 mile or so bike ride and a 5 K run (in my case walk!). Now all of those elements sound fine on their own but add it together. Man, what was i thinking?

So because of this I have decided to tackle this head on. You know that I love the Biggest Loser USA and inspired by this and not the sofa sports I usually do - eating chocolate digestives and drinking tea, I decided to see if I could locate ant DVDs. I have a box set of Jillian Michaels and she is tough. The first time I tackled the first DVD I was shouting all sorts of expletives at the TV. Then I felt ill so couldn't do it for a while, then a foot injury - you know the score. So at the beginning of last week I decided to just do it (as a famous footwear company would say).

How hard......At least when I persuaded my husband to try it out - he was whacked out. Maybe proof that I can do it. Also to back all of this up I am going back on the Paul McKenna plan. I have done this a few times and have lost serious weight but you have to want to do it. I was doing the programme until I fell pregnant last year and I successfully lost 35 lbs or so. But I could only go so far during pregnancy. Then after only 11 weeks after my second c-section I tried again. It was too much. We all know how awful sleepless nights are on our fitness and eating patterns. I am in carb fest heaven!!!!

So now the time feels right.

So here's to Jillian Micheals and Paul McKenna - let's hope it works and I'll let you know it goes!

By the way if you fancy doing exercise after a baby especially if like me you've had a c-section please see your doctor and get advice before you start any fitness programme.

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