Monday, April 15, 2013

Life.......the dreaded holiday project.....

So, as we are reached the Friday before the start of term it occurred to me that we had yet to start the holiday project and the homework. Oldest One is currently working his way through the writing homework, then it will be the reading part. Then the dreaded project.

The whole Reception year consisting of 60 children, teachers and helpers went to the Natural History Mueseum before the end of last term. They all had an excellent time. At the end of term when all the PE kits and book bags came home I did the usual emptying and trashing the rubbish and bunging the rest away in a pile. The project was set to one side and virtually ignored. The project was dinosaurs. They had set it as an extra part to the end of term. Brilliant.

Remember this is something the kids have to do but we all know that until they get old enough to do it for themselves that the parents do the projects! From the printing, cutting, gluing and positioning we all do it. I'm not sure why, maybe it's a reversion to the playground or one-up-man-ship. Who knows. This feels so like the school bake off which was just as stressful. So I (I mean Oldest One) had a great idea. A shoebox scene. Brilliant. My next great idea came in the middle of the night, a deeply bopper asteroid in one corner and a volcano in another. The thing is Oldest One trashed his furry Red Nose Day deely boppers so I had to do some lateral thinking. Facebook was the answer. Not sure if you have them where you are but we have selling groups for our local area. Another mum was after newspaper for their giant paper maiche dinosaur so I asked for deely boppers! Found, located and collected. One part snapped off. And that's it so far. We have painted the box green but other than that not much else has happened. I then found out that the kids had to also provide a few facts about dinosaurs. Arrrrgggggghhhhhhhh. What this really means is me condensing down my knowledge to a few choice phrases, writing it out and then have Oldest One copy it out and drill him on the facts of his shoebox scene so he can present it to the class. Seriously. I had him recite the Thanksgiving Story which he recited in front of his class in his first term. I had sent him in with pumpkin cupcakes!

It's now past lunchtime and I am away for the weekend. Will it get done?

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